Ty Richards releases new single “Killjoy”

Ty Richards - "Killjoy" Single

Ty Richards and Tremolo Records drop a head-bobbing, future-punk single, recorded straight to tape. This is the second single from his upcoming album ‘Welcome to Flat Earth’ out April 20.

The track is available for purchase here and everywhere else digital music is sold.

“‘Killjoy’ is a snarky little number,” said Ty Richards. “Everyone has that special person in their life that is out to destroy all fun. This song is dedicated to them. If you don’t know a person like that, then it’s probably you.”

The single was the last song recorded for “Welcome to Flat Earth” and was also one of the quickest to put together. Richards notes that in one night, he had the beat, the bass line, guitar tracks and vocals written and recorded. On the quick turnaround, he explains, “I’m in love with writing and recording at the same time – I just step up to the mic and keep singing until the song is done, then I record immediately.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” is set to be released on April 20, 2018, the weekend of Earth Day. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl, cassette tape and digital download here. Also on April 20, Ty Richards will play an album release show at Mosaic Sound Collective, a former juvenile delinquent facility. VIP and general admission tickets can be purchased here.

“‘Killjoy’ brings punchy guitars and biting pop lyrics that dance over a relentless 808 beat, and all of it was recorded entirely to eight-track tape with no computers and no editing,” said Richards on the new single. “I’ve grown to hate working with computers, so this was a nice change.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” is an all-analog, DIY, future-punk record, and Richards’ new direction can best be described as “Devo meets Queens of the Stone Age.” With heavy grooves, video game-esque keyboards, blown out fuzz guitars and gritty, satirical vocals, the album will take listeners on a sonic journey recorded purely to analog tape in Richard’s home studio.

Listen to the single “Killjoy” below:


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