There are certain words and phrases that are sure to set off a Baby Boomer. The mention of the possibly fake moon landing is one of them.

Comedian, Owen Benjamin recently coined the term “Hoodily Daddle” in the past few months to refer to the moon in boomer-speak and it’s becoming a regular part of the vocabulary in society now. This video by Mountain Bear sums it up exactly. And it’s even earned a spot on urban dictionary in all of it’s various forms of spelling.

Vox Day has even gone on to facetiously ban the word on his live stream as it is too offensive to boomers, referring to it as simply “the H-word”.

I relate to this a lot. If anyone even says the word “moon” around my dad he spirals and it ruins his entire day. Not exaggerating. I don’t even have to say “fake moon landing” or “flat earth”. Just “moon”. That’s all it takes for him to fill with rage and walk away from a conversation shaking his head and cursing under his breath.

It’s really the only thing Boomers have left to hold onto, so I’m not going to deny him of it. I stay away from it as a subject. But it’s still hilarious. So as a giant troll to my dad and a nod to the comedy of Owen Benjamin, above is the ‘Hoodily Daddle’ poster I designed a couple weeks ago. I’ll have it up for sale soon on the new store.

It’s based on the great boomer Neil Young’s album cover from Harvest.

Above is a quick time lapse video of me designing the poster. The music is “Let It Bleed” by my good buddy James Cooke whose record I produced and released on my label Tremolo Records.

Ty Richards - KUTX 98.9 Austin - Artist of the Month

Ty Richards performs for Austin’s KUTX live in Studio 1A

On the eve of the release of his Debut Album ‘Zillion’, Ty was invited to play KUTX Austin’s very own Studio 1A. You can also catch his Austin album release at the Swan Dive the following day Feb 3 and the following week in Dallas, TX at Three Links – show details here. Hear what they had to say and watch the performances for all three songs below and view the full KUTX article.

Is it possible for a musician to sound like they’re from 1970 and 2070 at the same time? Yes, and his name is Ty Richards. His brand new album “Zillion” has the warm vintage fuzz of 70’s psychedelic rock, and the hard edge of futuristic synth music. It sounds like Beck and Led Zepplin collaborated on an album. Richards’ fingerprints are all over this record, from writing and recording to producing and mixing, it gives it a unique sound that you wouldn’t find from big box rock acts. He’s relatively new on the scene, but he’s already creating a lot of buzz. “Spaceman,” the first single off the new record, is a true delight, groovy and danceable, but at the same time it’s profound and out of this world. Ty Richards stopped by Studio 1A to show us some tunes of the new album, check them out below!

– James Parker

Uncle Ben


Going Out for a Cigarette

91.7 KXT Dallas

New Music Monday on KXT 91.7

While it’s ever so fitting that fans have bestowed Ty Richards with the nickname “Beck Zeppelin,” there’s nothing derivative about “Going Out For A Cigarette,” the wicked-catchy new number from the DFW native’s forthcoming debut, Zillion. Psychedelic pop and funk-tacular hooks are the consummate cure-all for what ails you, and in a world that could definitely use more levity and dynamism, here’s one you’ll be powerless to resist.

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Austin, TX’s psychedelic dance-pop auteur Ty Richards, is pleased to share his latest visual experience. This time for “Going out for a Cigarette,” Richards captures an animated trip experience reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons (on LSD). The track will appear on his upcoming debut full-length album, Zillion. Available February 3, 2017.

“It’s like old Saturday morning cartoons on acid,” Richards explains. “The ‘Going out for a Cigarette’ video was very amusing to make. I spent close to 100 hours on it. It was hard to be finished with it because I didn’t want to stop. When I started this video I only had one thing in mind. I wanted to make something that was animated and super trippy, with a very loose hand-drawn feel. I’m tired of seeing all these Pixar animated movies that are sterile as hell. Computers tend to suck the life out of my work. My favorite cartoon growing up was The Simpsons naturally. I especially love the pilot episode and cartoon shorts that existed before the show was a hit. All those old Klasky Csupo animations were super sloppy and I remember the line-work of the characters were all fucked up and wiggly. That is exactly what I wanted. I also got a lot of inspiration from the Tom Tom Club’s ‘Genius of Love’ music video from the early 80’s. So much animation everywhere, very maximalist. I wanted it to have a nostalgic feeling to it, but still feel new and stand apart from all the shiny videos that are out now.”

“The content for this video was created similar to how I’ve been writing songs lately – on a very abstract level. I started by making a list of things that can’t be undone. For example, you can’t unscramble an egg, or un-explode a volcano, or un-smoke a cigarette, or un-flush a toilet. Some things in life are irreversible. I think the hopelessness of those ideas overlay nicely
against the hopelessness of the relationship the lyrics talk about. I took that strange list and turned it into a bunch sharpie drawings, then scanned them into the computer and made designs from them with color. I animated the shit out of everything to my liking and voila. It’s strange and crude just like I wanted, but the visuals are filled with the same spirit and dumbness that this song has, along with the rest of the record. Enjoy!”

Austin, TX’s psychedelic dance-pop innovator Ty Richards, is eager to share his video for the critically acclaimed single “Spaceman” directed by Ty Richards and Steven Gunter. The track will appear on Zillion, his debut full-length album.

“The ‘Spaceman’ music video tells kind of a psychedelic space-age version of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’” Richards explains. “It’s both futuristic and vintage all at once. This video is hugely inspired by my deep fascination with mid-century sci-fi films and books. We shot outside of Marfa, TX, a place I’ve always wanted to check out. I asked the hotel attendant there what she thought about those mysterious ‘Marfa Lights’. She has lived there her whole life and has seen them multiple times and she’s convinced that they are aliens. My favorite part of the video is the trombone solo. So perfectly stupid. I also like the role reversal, I play the clumsy damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by a heroin.”