Ty Richards interview with Dennis the Menace - Just Another Menace Sunday

Howdy friends. My candid conversation with the one and only Dennis “The Menace”​ is airing this Sunday Aug 27 in seven cities across the globe. The hour will also feature my Musical Sandwich™ playlist. Dennis has over 30+ years as a radio personality on both the east and west coast. I’m humbled to join the ranks of personal heroes The Killers​, of Montreal​, Jon Brion​, Travis​, Phoenix​, and OK Go​. Just a few who have been featured on The Menace’s Attic/Just Another Menace Sunday. Tune in!

UPDATE: Listen to the replay here: http://bff.fm/broadcasts/11479

Austin's KUTX 98.9 Favorite Songs of 2017 So Far

Austin’s KUTX 98.9 Favorite Songs of 2017 So Far

Austin’s KUTX 98.9 named 2 of Ty Richards’ songs in their top 2017 list!

“This is a total ear worm.” Matt Reilly says about “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”

On “Going Out for a Cigarette” Elizabeth McQueen says:
“I find myself dissecting this pop gem every time I listen to it. The sounds are cool, the lyrics get me, and there’s a special something about it that is super compelling. But what exactly is it?!? I still haven’t figured it out, which means I get to listen to it on repeat again! YAY!”

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Ty Richards Zillion California Radio Tour

Ty Richards Launches California Radio Tour

Following the massive radio success of Ty Richards’ critically-acclaimed debut album “Zillion”, he will be launching a summer radio tour in the great state of California on July 1st. This tour announcement is in the wake of Richards charting on over 50 college stations around the nation.

USA Today recently placed Richards as the No. 4 college album in the Nation. “Zillion” was picked up by over 25 stations in California alone and even landed top 20 on at least 5 college stations there. His song “Spaceman” was featured on 89.9 KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic in Los Angeles and was even named as “Today’s Top Tune”. Tune in live to hear his California in-studio performances on the radio or online on each stations website. Ty Richards’ “Zillion” is the summer jam of 2017.

All this excitement is on top of Ty’s immense Austin radio success. Yesterday the Austin American-Statesman said that his song “Going out for a Cigarette” is “one of the best radio singles to come out of Austin in quite some time.” Austin’s KUTX has adopted the new artist as their own, naming him the “Artist of the Month” for March 2017 during the world-renown SXSW. The heavy airplay on KUTX, KGSR, and KLBJ among others is making waves in Austin and pushing Richards into a bigger role as national artist.

Stay tuned for more. See all tour updates, listen to music, watch the latest music videos and pick up vinyl LP of “Zillion” at tyrichards.com

Tour Dates:

  • July 1 – Camarillo, CA @ Art Center 7pm (Live Performance)
  • July 3 – Laguna, CA @ 93.5 KXRN 9:30am
  • July 4 – Irvine, CA @ 88.9 KUCI 11am
  • July 5 – Claremont, CA @ 88.7 KSPC 3pm
  • July 5 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Lexington 9pm
  • July 7 – Redway, CA @ 91.1 KMUD 3pm
  • July 8 – San Francisco, CA @ Dennis The Menace (Specialty Show airtime TBA)

UPDATE: Additional date in downtown LA has been added for July 5 at The Lexington 9pm

Ty Richards 'Zillion' - No. 4 College Album in the Nation

‘Zillion’ hits No. 4 on USA Today’s Top College Albums

Ty Richards’ new record ‘Zillion’ landed the number 4 spot on USA Today’s top college albums for the week of March 2-8. He is in with the likes of Ryan Adams and Foxygen. Read the full article here.

Top College Albums This Week:

  1. Prisoner — Ryan Adams.
  2. I Am Inside My Body — Guytano.
  3. Young Mopes — Louise Burns.
  4. Zillion — Ty Richards.
  5. Hang — Foxygen.

Ty Richards - KUTX 98.9 Austin - Artist of the Month

Austin’s KUTX 98.9 “Artist of the Month” for March During SXSW

Ty Richards was just honored as the “Artist of the Month” by KUTX 98.9 in Austin.  All of this during the holy-grail month – MARCH (the month of the Austin’s world-renown SXSW festival). This spurred several new Austin shows, and in addition KUTX will be spinning several songs from Richards’ new album ‘Zillion’ daily, all month long. They will also be featuring his Studio 1A performance online, Song of the Day, and a My KUTX guest DJ spot on Saturday Mar 25. Stay tuned friends! Here’s what Jeff McCord had to say and you can see the full article here.

In this world, there are artists in a rush – anxious to paint, put to paper or record every thought that comes into their head. And there are those who think, perhaps even overthink, and take their time. With over 200 unreleased songs recorded, Austin’s Ty Richards sits squarely in the latter category. Part of the same fertile Denton scene that spawned Midlake and Sarah Jaffe, Richards first performed at the age of 13. From 2001-2006, he fronted a band called Twilight (nothing to do with the movie series, he takes pains to point out). But mostly, he recorded. And recorded some more. His years were dotted with personal tragedy, health problems, a successful sideline career as a graphic designer, and a new wife and family that he packed up and moved to Austin in 2014. Somewhere in there he decided it was time to get serious about music. Released on the day of the thirtieth birthday, Zillion is a debut album that doesn’t sound like one, full of spry, fuzzy psych-pop that sounds like the work of an accomplished veteran. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what he is.

– Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Director