Multiply The Good by Ty Richards

And diminish the bad. It’s important to support who you love, and stop supporting whoever hates you.

In the past few months, I have deleted my Facebook, Netflix, and Prime Video accounts and have replaced it with spending quality time with my family, my friends, building up my business, and making music. In my spare down time, I found some superior alternatives online too. It gives me great hope to see the rapid growth of so many independent online platforms this year.

One especially worth noting is, started by comedian / goat-farmer Owen Benjamin and platinum video game designer / publisher / best-selling author extraordinaire Vox Day. With a daily stream of video content from multiple creators on everything from Chuck Dixon On Comics (the creator of Bane!!), to bleeding edge stand-up comedy via Owen, all the way to gardening and self-sufficiency with David the Good – I’m never out of good stuff to watch and support. They even have documentaries, audiobooks and soon-to-be feature films. And the money I pay goes directly to the creators to boot.

Art created by @8bit_bear

Both founders have incredibly dedicated followers with legitimate online communities too. I’ve been following Owen for a couple of years and Vox for around nine months now, and at this point The Bears and the Reprehensibles have become some of my favorite friends to commune with online. They are all freaking hilarious and very very good people. I’ve even had the opportunity to hang with a few in Austin in person from time to time.

On the flip side, mainstream platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube and the like are on the decline with massive corruption becoming obvious to most. Not to mention, they do not bring people closer together. In fact, they do the opposite. They are designed to crush your soul. Facebook has been known to end marriages, destroy friendships, and it basically has ruined thanksgiving forever. It’s a legitimate bloodbath of dead or dying relationships.

Wake up people. Facebook is a mostly boomer-ridden wasteland. It’s the Florida retirement of social media where people go to die in a sea of fake news. If you are under 50 and still on Facebook, you might be retarded. Just send pictures of your children to your family via text message, dummy. FB exists solely to capture and sell your personal data to whoever wants to buy it nationally and internationally. They sell it to corporations and government agencies alike.

In any case, it’s time to wake up to the slow death of these tech giants and find your own niche community online and in real life. The collective mainstream conscience seems to be dying along with them. Run. Cut off your support of the bad. Support the good. Quit wasting your life on the data vampires of Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc and join a community that is real and doesn’t hate you.

Now. Now is the time to multiply the good. Make your own platform. Make your own community. Make your own media outlet. Make your own business. Make your own music. Make your own art. Make your own family. And don’t forget to make your own babies too. Like Owen Benjamin often says,

“Be fruitful and multiply. Don’t be fruity and blow a guy.”

The big ship is sinking and everyone onboard is going down with it.

Multiply or die.