Watch today’s stream on how ‘Ned Flanders is the only positive male role model’

So after going full ‘stache this week for the first time ever, I’ve realized that I look like Ned Flanders. And I think I’m cool with it.

After further inspection, Ned Flanders is full-on logos. He was a great husband, a great father, always did what was right, loved God, didn’t lie, and wasn’t a total retard loser like Homer.

He made sure his boys ate healthy food and had a bed time routine. It’s the ultra-basic things like this that make children thrive and not turn out to be psychos, like Bart, when they grow up. Also in many episodes, he wasn’t afraid to kick some ass when he needed to.

I realize that Ned is intended to be a “Stepford Husband” type of character to be mocked for his “facade” of perfection and for how “judgmental” he is. But I think pursuing truth and goodness are a good thing. And also learning to recognize good and bad patterns and discern (or judge) between the difference are good things too. Encourage the good, discourage the bad.

This is foundation level stuff that we’ve been trained by school, movies, media and politicians to NOT register in our brain. They’ve destroyed the basic pattern recognition skills of most people. You can’t even say a black person is black anymore. You can’t even make generalities about the rule anymore because 10 people will immediately point out the exception to that rule. An exception to a rule does not destroy the rule itself. There are general rules that are generally true.

In any case, Ned Flanders is the man. I’m discovering he is the only truly good male role model I’ve ever had. I think Matt Groening inadvertently created an epic hero for the ages.

I think we could all learn a lot from Ned. When the world tells you to be a retard like Homer Simpson, give them the ultimate middle finger and be a Ned Flanders.