Dog spelled backwards is God. Ty Richards

No. I’m not saying dogs are God, retard. Dog’s are pure Logos. They have an unconditional love that can’t be found in any other animal, and because we have cultivated them to be that way.

So, I’m buying a tri-color Australian Shepherd puppy for my daughter Zoe’s birthday next month. Here’s a photo of him. Yes that’s right I said him. I live with 6 women (and a pea-sized baby in the womb) so you bet your ass the dog is a boy.

My wife is putting down the deposit now as I write this. We are going to let him hang with his mom and siblings for a few weeks so he doesn’t turn out socially inept.

I’m excited for Zoe and I’m excited for me. Zoe is an animal whisperer and I think she will become a vet one day. As for me, 10 years of marriage, 6 children, one cat and zero dog can only take me so far in life. It’s about time. Plus he can help me heard all of the children.

Don’t get me wrong though, a dog is no substitute for a child, for all you dog-baby freaks out there. I choose new baby every time. But I’m excited to bring even more joy into the family while we are waiting for baby #6.

Joy is an addiction we haven’t been able to kick.