Does anyone else remember the astronaut diaper psycho lady, Lisa Nowak from over a decade ago?

According to the police, Captain Nowak drove more than 950 miles from Houston to Orlando to meet with Captain Shipman… because she wanted to confront Captain Shipman after discovering that she too was involved with Commander Oefelein.

Captain Nowak, 43, was wearing a trench coat and wig when she was arrested early Monday morning. She told the police she had worn diapers on the journey so that she would not have to stop to use the restroom so she could arrive in time to meet Captain Shipman’s flight at the airport.

The police also found a knife, BB pistol, and latex gloves in her car, a police affidavit said.

So murderous space woman in a diaper drives 950 miles to kill slutty space woman, because she had sex with her spaceman. Got it.

Well, in 2019 the lady astronauts are at it again. When they are not attempting to murder other women astronauts in a jealous rage or blowing up the space shuttle Challenger, they are pulling shit like this. After falsely accusing her lesbian lover of physical abuse, the elite astronaut, Anne McClain hacked her ex-wife’s bank account – yep, you guessed it – from space. Lesbian lover bank hacking from space. Sounds like an old porno title.

Later that year, McClain filed court documents alleging that Worden assaulted her. Worden maintains that they never had a physical altercation. Those charges were dropped, and Worden filed for divorce, but she said that the ongoing battle in Texas didn’t stay on Earth. 

“USAA Bank did give evidence to my attorneys that she did access my bank accounts,” Worden said.

According to Worden, in 2019, McClain broke into her bank accounts while she was on board the International Space Station. Worden gave KPRC the letter that her attorney sent to the NASA inspector general documenting the alleged breach. 

“I was shocked and appalled at the audacity by her to think that she could get away with that, and I was very disheartened that I couldn’t keep anything private,” said Worden.

Worden’s parents also sent a letter to the NASA Office of the Inspector General citing the allegation in space. 

So, the world’s first lesbian astronaut has committed the first space crime. Orrrrr… none of what we know about NASA and what they tell us is believable. It’s the many reports like these that make me think it’s highly probably that everyone we know at NASA, from the drunk Buzz Aldrin to astronaut diaper lady are all hired actors that inhale large amounts of coke on the weekends. They are not who they are portrait to be in the media.

These women should get back in the kitchen and engineer some sandwiches for their husbands before they do any more damage to NASA’s already dying reputation. Or maybe not, they should just keep doing their thing. In any case, women don’t belong in the military and they don’t belong in NASA.

Draw your own conclusions from this, but if you think we are supposed to believe that NASA officials are our military’s creme de la creme – the most elite chosen few from the US Airforce & US Navy – then your brain is broken. We didn’t go to the moon. There isn’t a space station. And the people we see floating around on camera in the “space station” are dangling from wires in a low production version of Peter Pan.

These tricks worked on the boomers for a half of a century. They believe literally everything they are told. But I’m grateful that these tactics don’t work as well on Millennials. And the Lord knows that no one in Gen Z is buying this crap.

Keep it coming NASA. I’m loving it.

Great wives are made, not found.

Hey, my name is Ty Richards. I am a musician and graphic designer near Austin, Texas. I’ve been married for almost ten years and have a beautiful wife, five beautiful daughters and one new baby on the way as of writing this. The eight of us live on a half acre, I work from home as the sole-provider, and Emily is a full-time mother who homeschools our children. Life is busy. But man – life is good. No one is having more fun than us.

After sharing a bit about my family life the past few months on Instagram, I now talk to men all the time who complain to me, saying something like this:

“I can’t find a good red-pilled woman. Ty, you’re just sooooo lucky because you found a unicorn who gets it and those kinds of girls are nowhere to be found in the wild now. fEmInIsM. bLuE hAiR. Blah blah blaah.” 

I’m constantly repeating myself with my answer so I’ll write it here for my own sanity and hopefully to get it through your thick skull so you can see the truth on this issue.

There is no such thing as a “red-pilled woman”. There are no mythical “unicorns” waiting in the field for you. Hell, there isn’t even such thing as a fucking “soul mate”. Stop thinking this way. This is how gamma males think. Great wives are made. Not found.

Contrary to what the MGTOW / Incel cowards out there are telling everyone, all women are not lying whores who want to steal your money and take your seed to collect child support. I DO believe that most women without strong fatherly or male leadership generally are liberal leaning by default, and can be a little slutty by default too. 

But that’s where you come in, my friend. Women are incredibly moldable. This is a key thing. They need strong male leadership. They need your leadership. They need someone to pave the way for them. They will naturally acclimate to your politics, passions and attitude. My wife has done this a lot. Yours will too. She is a woman. You are a man. I’m going to say that again. She is a woman. You are a man.

So you need to be a man worth following. Get your shit together. Do what it takes to be a good man. Work out. Stop whacking off to porn 4 times a day. Quit eating garbage. Read a damn bible. Take up wood working, or dare I say learn to code. Be great at something, kazoo, banjo, paper football, anything for God’s sake. Nothing turns women on more than a passionate man who is excellent at something. 

But it still leaves the original question. How do you find the right woman? The woman you will marry and make sweet sweet babies with. You might already know some women. Many if not all of the women may be liberal too. That’s okay. Political affiliation is not what you should be looking for. You need to be looking for a woman who is open to your leadership. Who is open to your ideas. Who’s open to you as a man and can be at least semi-comfortable with your basic masculinity. This is a much better sign that she could make a great wife than her politics. My wife was fairly liberal when I met her but now she gets me into trouble with all the red-pilled comments she throws out.

And like I said earlier, forget about the idea of “soul-mates” or “compatibility” too. Think about it. Every woman is sexually compatible with every man on the Earth. That’s just how the physical mechanics work. And emotionally, even the most similar of people divorce over dumb shit. My wife and I talk about this all the time. Jesus Christ is the only thing holding our marriage together. We are not soul mates. I could’ve married any woman, and if I follow God, then I will be able to lead my wife and our marriage will remain intact. If I don’t, then it all falls apart. This is what marriage is. It’s a pact between you, your woman and God Almighty. If you remove God from the picture, you are doomed. I hate to break it to you. “Compatibility” is pure psychobabble wizardry.

So hypothetically say you’ve done all these things. You become a good man, a good leader, you keep your eyes out for a woman who’s open to your leadership, and you understand that there is no such thing as a fucking unicorn, but you STILL haven’t moved the needle on finding even ONE woman who’s a candidate. Then do this:

  1. Move one mile outside of the city. If you can’t find a single woman, then you probably live in an urban area filled with way too many mega-retard feminazi’s. That’s okay. I moved just one mile outside of Austin and discovered there are waaaay more normal women once you cross over city limits. Suburbs are great. Rural is even better.

  2. Find an “uneducated”  woman. Uneducated is good. College girls aren’t unsaveable, they just require a lot more work to unbrainwash. Like I said earlier, women are very moldible. But in this case, they have 4 extra years that they have been molded by Academia in a bad direction. They are fresh out of 16 solid years of hard indoctrination telling them that their goals should be College, Career, and late 30’s marriage (aka don’t have children). They will likely believe that baby murder is a form of healthcare. And they come strapped with a hundred thousand dollars in debt that you get to pay off. They are wage-slaves in the beast after they graduate. Again. They are salvageable, they are still moldable, it just takes longer to help them snap out of it.

  3. Go younger. And this is why I strongly advocate finding a younger, untainted woman in the church if you can. If you really want a “unicorn”, go live in a rural community and find a based church full of virgin or semi-virgin Christian women. The church is a freaking unicorn factory compared to the bar on 6th street downtown. There you are way more likely to find a young, beautiful, hopefully virgin girl who has a great dad that has lead her and you can lead her to make a smooth transition from her father’s house to your house as your wife. Courting with the father’s permission is still a legit thing, and it’s the way to go. It’s what I will be doing for all 5 of my daughters. This is the way it’s been done for literally thousands of years until the 1960’s fucked everything up. 

All of this may seem old school but it beats the hell out of picking up drunk blue-haired broken girls at the bar who don’t even know it’s wrong to murder their own children and have fucked ten guys in the last month. Get out of your gay cosmipolitan mindset. This is the way things have been done throughout history before the fad of dating and fucking everything that moves came to rise in the past 50 years. 

But I digress. There is hope for the urban feminist women just as much as the hick virgin church girls with gun-toting dad’s, and everyone has their own story of redemption. But bottom line is – your future wife needs a real man to lead her and show her how to live life. Not a total pussy faggot to follow them around and tell what to do like a little boy. 

So quit looking for magical unicorn soul-mates and red-pilled women holding AR-15’s. Quit being a faggot and make yourself into a man worth following. Go to church. Read your bible. Mow your lawn. Build a fence. Develop a skill. Make shit with your hands. Be a real man. Quit bitching. YOU need to go out and be the unicorn.

Great wives are made. So marry young, and get down to the business of making as many babies as possible as early as possible. This is what it is to be a man.