Fake News


— The Austin Chronicle


— Peter Blackstock, Austin American-Statesman

“NO. 4

— USA Today


Banned from Austin KUTX 98.9 (after 2 years of heavy airplay)


— Nick Hanover, Ovrld


USA Today
"Going Out for a Cigarette" by Ty Richards to be featured on Showtime's Shameless Season 8 November 12
NACC 200
KUTX 98.9 Austin - Artist of the Month
KCRW Los Angeles
Austin American-Statesman
FMQB Friday Morning Quarterback
Central Track

Ty Richards ‘Zillion’ is #4 college album in the nation
USA Today

2017 debut record ‘Zillion’ broke top 40 nationally
NACC Top 200 Charts
(North American College and Community)

‘Zillion’ hit #6 on national specialty radio
Friday Morning Quarterback (FMQB) Submodern Album Charts

‘Spaceman’ hits #2 – The Top 100 Songs of the Year
Central Track

“Ty Richards might be the ULTIMATE indie artist.”
Dennis “The Menace”

“It’s exceptionally fascinating from start to finish – a true future rock and roll masterpiece.”
Fingers On Blast

“Is it possible for a musician to sound like they’re from 1970 and 2070 at the same time? Yes, and his name is Ty Richards.”
KUTX 98.9 Austin // Studio 1A Session

“A Hurricane of Artistry”
Johnny Goudie of “How Did I Get Here?”

“It’s our sincere hope that this is the future of rock.”
Central Track

“It’s both futuristic and vintage all at once.”

“Artist of the Month”
(March 2017 during SXSW Festival)
KUTX 98.9 Austin

“‘Going Out for a Cigarette’ is one of the best radio singles to come out of Austin in quite some time.”
Austin Statesman

“His song “Spaceman” takes us on a trippy languid journey.”
KCRW 89.9 Los Angeles // Today’s Top Tune

“Zillion is a debut album that doesn’t sound like one.”
KUTX 98.9 Austin // Jeff McCord, Music Director

“Zillion has blown my mind six ways to Sunday.”
WUTK 90.3 Knoxville, TN

“In a world that could definitely use more levity and dynamism, here’s one you’ll be powerless to resist.”
KXT 91.7 Dallas // New Music Monday

“This is a total ear worm.”
KUTX 98.9 Austin // Matt Reilly, Program Director

“Spaceman is a song meant to elicit big grins and bumping heads.”
KUTX 98.9 Austin // Taylor Wallace, Host/Producer

“This psych-rock dude’s onto something really special.”
Central Track // Songs of the Week