Watch the stream for ‘Stop Listening to Liars’
Illustration from the original version of Pinocchio (Pre-Disney), via my own copy of the 1961 Collier Junior Classics

Why would you subject yourself to the words of a liar? Do you like hearing lies? Do you like sifting through the words constantly to see which ones are lies and which ones aren’t? Do you neeeeeed to be “well-informed” on lies? Are you retarded?

Think about it. If you went to grab a beer with a friend and hung out for an hour and realized that half of what they talked about were deception and lies, would you get together with them again? It’s a no for me dawg. If you can’t trust the words that are coming out of their mouth, then why listen to their words at all. I’m going to stop hanging out with that person.

Illustration from the original version of Pinocchio (Pre-Disney), via my own copy of the 1961 Collier Junior Classics

So why do you continue reading New York Times articles and complaining about lies like the robot Ben Shapiro does? Why would you watch Fox or CNN, when both are filled with nonstop lies. Why do you continue to follow liars on your instagram, facebook and twitter feed? Why would you debate a liar, when the words that come out of their mouth can’t be trusted at face value. Why would you watch thousands of hours of YouTube videos of Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson going on and on about why you need to try DMT while “cleaning your room”, while they lie to you about who they are paid by and who their liar friends are.

“But but but Ty, there is soooome good stuff in there… Jordan Peterson says soooome true things. And he told me to cLeAn mUh rOoM. Dat’s good right?”

Wrong. The most dangerous lies are the ones wrapped in a thin candy coating of truth. Ask Satan, Hitler, and Stalin about that. Plus if someone telling you to “clean your room” is life-changing, then you have much larger problems.

If someone is repeatedly lying to you and never owning up to any of these lies, then why would you continue to subject yourself to these lies? Why would you do that to yourself? Stop feeding yourself lies. At this point it’s your own damn fault. You are doing this to yourself. You are brainwashing yourself.

“There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”

William James (1842-1910), The Father of Modern Psychology

Starting today, unfollow liars in your social feeds, unfollow the YouTube channels of liars, and unfollow media outlets owned and run by liars. Even if that puts you down to zero. Lies will kill you. Slowly but surely. Being “well-informed” is killing you in more ways than one. Quit being a pussy and making excuses. And quit buying into the despair of “it is what it is”. Despair is a sin.

Instead, start surrounding yourself with friends and family that pursue the truth at all costs. In real life and online. If you can’t find a community, make one. If you can’t find family that values truth, bag yourself a wife and make babies. Make the family that you want to see.

But whatever you do. Stop. Listening. To. Liars.

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