Ty Richards is a DIY recording artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Austin, Texas. Richards is best described as Psychedelic Nintendo-Punk. He is known for writing, performing, producing, recording, mixing and even releasing his own music.

Richards’ has a stream-of-consciousness approach and rarely pre-writes songs before recording. The music is experimental with satire relating to American culture in the school of bands like Frank Zappa and DEVO.

After his debut record Zillion broke top 40 on the NACC 200 charts, his pair of albums have made their way into rotation on over 80 radio stations across North America in two short years. Richards was dubbed KUTX 98.9 Austin’s Artist of the Month during SXSW in 2017.

In 2018, after 3 months of heavy rotation of his follow-up sophomore album Welcome to Flat Earth, and following 2 years of heavy airplay, Richards’ music was suddenly banned from KUTX 98.9 fm. After discussing the censorship on Gavin McInnes’ show Get Off My Lawn he was quickly blacklisted from all Austin clubs by SJW’s in response.

Ty Richards is currently working on his 3rd album, and has taken his Austin leftist social shaming as a license to think, speak, and create even more freely.

Richards’ label Tremolo Records is responsible for the release of his records as well as those of several other emerging Texas-based artists: Jackie Daytona, James Cooke, and Jonathan Alexander.