Multiply The Good by Ty Richards

And diminish the bad. It’s important to support who you love, and stop supporting whoever hates you.

In the past few months, I have deleted my Facebook, Netflix, and Prime Video accounts and have replaced it with spending quality time with my family, my friends, building up my business, and making music. In my spare down time, I found some superior alternatives online too. It gives me great hope to see the rapid growth of so many independent online platforms this year.

One especially worth noting is, started by comedian / goat-farmer Owen Benjamin and platinum video game designer / publisher / best-selling author extraordinaire Vox Day. With a daily stream of video content from multiple creators on everything from Chuck Dixon On Comics (the creator of Bane!!), to bleeding edge stand-up comedy via Owen, all the way to gardening and self-sufficiency with David the Good – I’m never out of good stuff to watch and support. They even have documentaries, audiobooks and soon-to-be feature films. And the money I pay goes directly to the creators to boot.

Art created by @8bit_bear

Both founders have incredibly dedicated followers with legitimate online communities too. I’ve been following Owen for a couple of years and Vox for around nine months now, and at this point The Bears and the Reprehensibles have become some of my favorite friends to commune with online. They are all freaking hilarious and very very good people. I’ve even had the opportunity to hang with a few in Austin in person from time to time.

On the flip side, mainstream platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube and the like are on the decline with massive corruption becoming obvious to most. Not to mention, they do not bring people closer together. In fact, they do the opposite. They are designed to crush your soul. Facebook has been known to end marriages, destroy friendships, and it basically has ruined thanksgiving forever. It’s a legitimate bloodbath of dead or dying relationships.

Wake up people. Facebook is a mostly boomer-ridden wasteland. It’s the Florida retirement of social media where people go to die in a sea of fake news. If you are under 50 and still on Facebook, you might be retarded. Just send pictures of your children to your family via text message, dummy. FB exists solely to capture and sell your personal data to whoever wants to buy it nationally and internationally. They sell it to corporations and government agencies alike.

In any case, it’s time to wake up to the slow death of these tech giants and find your own niche community online and in real life. The collective mainstream conscience seems to be dying along with them. Run. Cut off your support of the bad. Support the good. Quit wasting your life on the data vampires of Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc and join a community that is real and doesn’t hate you.

Now. Now is the time to multiply the good. Make your own platform. Make your own community. Make your own media outlet. Make your own business. Make your own music. Make your own art. Make your own family. And don’t forget to make your own babies too. Like Owen Benjamin often says,

“Be fruitful and multiply. Don’t be fruity and blow a guy.”

The big ship is sinking and everyone onboard is going down with it.

Multiply or die.

Great wives are made, not found.

Hey, my name is Ty Richards. I am a musician and graphic designer near Austin, Texas. I’ve been married for almost ten years and have a beautiful wife, five beautiful daughters and one new baby on the way as of writing this. The eight of us live on a half acre, I work from home as the sole-provider, and Emily is a full-time mother who homeschools our children. Life is busy. But man – life is good. No one is having more fun than us.

After sharing a bit about my family life the past few months on Instagram, I now talk to men all the time who complain to me, saying something like this:

“I can’t find a good red-pilled woman. Ty, you’re just sooooo lucky because you found a unicorn who gets it and those kinds of girls are nowhere to be found in the wild now. fEmInIsM. bLuE hAiR. Blah blah blaah.” 

I’m constantly repeating myself with my answer so I’ll write it here for my own sanity and hopefully to get it through your thick skull so you can see the truth on this issue.

There is no such thing as a “red-pilled woman”. There are no mythical “unicorns” waiting in the field for you. Hell, there isn’t even such thing as a fucking “soul mate”. Stop thinking this way. This is how gamma males think. Great wives are made. Not found.

Contrary to what the MGTOW / Incel cowards out there are telling everyone, all women are not lying whores who want to steal your money and take your seed to collect child support. I DO believe that most women without strong fatherly or male leadership generally are liberal leaning by default, and can be a little slutty by default too. 

But that’s where you come in, my friend. Women are incredibly moldable. This is a key thing. They need strong male leadership. They need your leadership. They need someone to pave the way for them. They will naturally acclimate to your politics, passions and attitude. My wife has done this a lot. Yours will too. She is a woman. You are a man. I’m going to say that again. She is a woman. You are a man.

So you need to be a man worth following. Get your shit together. Do what it takes to be a good man. Work out. Stop whacking off to porn 4 times a day. Quit eating garbage. Read a damn bible. Take up wood working, or dare I say learn to code. Be great at something, kazoo, banjo, paper football, anything for God’s sake. Nothing turns women on more than a passionate man who is excellent at something. 

But it still leaves the original question. How do you find the right woman? The woman you will marry and make sweet sweet babies with. You might already know some women. Many if not all of the women may be liberal too. That’s okay. Political affiliation is not what you should be looking for. You need to be looking for a woman who is open to your leadership. Who is open to your ideas. Who’s open to you as a man and can be at least semi-comfortable with your basic masculinity. This is a much better sign that she could make a great wife than her politics. My wife was fairly liberal when I met her but now she gets me into trouble with all the red-pilled comments she throws out.

And like I said earlier, forget about the idea of “soul-mates” or “compatibility” too. Think about it. Every woman is sexually compatible with every man on the Earth. That’s just how the physical mechanics work. And emotionally, even the most similar of people divorce over dumb shit. My wife and I talk about this all the time. Jesus Christ is the only thing holding our marriage together. We are not soul mates. I could’ve married any woman, and if I follow God, then I will be able to lead my wife and our marriage will remain intact. If I don’t, then it all falls apart. This is what marriage is. It’s a pact between you, your woman and God Almighty. If you remove God from the picture, you are doomed. I hate to break it to you. “Compatibility” is pure psychobabble wizardry.

So hypothetically say you’ve done all these things. You become a good man, a good leader, you keep your eyes out for a woman who’s open to your leadership, and you understand that there is no such thing as a fucking unicorn, but you STILL haven’t moved the needle on finding even ONE woman who’s a candidate. Then do this:

  1. Move one mile outside of the city. If you can’t find a single woman, then you probably live in an urban area filled with way too many mega-retard feminazi’s. That’s okay. I moved just one mile outside of Austin and discovered there are waaaay more normal women once you cross over city limits. Suburbs are great. Rural is even better.

  2. Find an “uneducated”  woman. Uneducated is good. College girls aren’t unsaveable, they just require a lot more work to unbrainwash. Like I said earlier, women are very moldible. But in this case, they have 4 extra years that they have been molded by Academia in a bad direction. They are fresh out of 16 solid years of hard indoctrination telling them that their goals should be College, Career, and late 30’s marriage (aka don’t have children). They will likely believe that baby murder is a form of healthcare. And they come strapped with a hundred thousand dollars in debt that you get to pay off. They are wage-slaves in the beast after they graduate. Again. They are salvageable, they are still moldable, it just takes longer to help them snap out of it.

  3. Go younger. And this is why I strongly advocate finding a younger, untainted woman in the church if you can. If you really want a “unicorn”, go live in a rural community and find a based church full of virgin or semi-virgin Christian women. The church is a freaking unicorn factory compared to the bar on 6th street downtown. There you are way more likely to find a young, beautiful, hopefully virgin girl who has a great dad that has lead her and you can lead her to make a smooth transition from her father’s house to your house as your wife. Courting with the father’s permission is still a legit thing, and it’s the way to go. It’s what I will be doing for all 5 of my daughters. This is the way it’s been done for literally thousands of years until the 1960’s fucked everything up. 

All of this may seem old school but it beats the hell out of picking up drunk blue-haired broken girls at the bar who don’t even know it’s wrong to murder their own children and have fucked ten guys in the last month. Get out of your gay cosmipolitan mindset. This is the way things have been done throughout history before the fad of dating and fucking everything that moves came to rise in the past 50 years. 

But I digress. There is hope for the urban feminist women just as much as the hick virgin church girls with gun-toting dad’s, and everyone has their own story of redemption. But bottom line is – your future wife needs a real man to lead her and show her how to live life. Not a total pussy faggot to follow them around and tell what to do like a little boy. 

So quit looking for magical unicorn soul-mates and red-pilled women holding AR-15’s. Quit being a faggot and make yourself into a man worth following. Go to church. Read your bible. Mow your lawn. Build a fence. Develop a skill. Make shit with your hands. Be a real man. Quit bitching. YOU need to go out and be the unicorn.

Great wives are made. So marry young, and get down to the business of making as many babies as possible as early as possible. This is what it is to be a man.

Ty Richards - "Killjoy" Single

Ty Richards and Tremolo Records drop a head-bobbing, future-punk single, recorded straight to tape. This is the second single from his upcoming album ‘Welcome to Flat Earth’ out April 20.

The track is available for purchase here and everywhere else digital music is sold.

“‘Killjoy’ is a snarky little number,” said Ty Richards. “Everyone has that special person in their life that is out to destroy all fun. This song is dedicated to them. If you don’t know a person like that, then it’s probably you.”

The single was the last song recorded for “Welcome to Flat Earth” and was also one of the quickest to put together. Richards notes that in one night, he had the beat, the bass line, guitar tracks and vocals written and recorded. On the quick turnaround, he explains, “I’m in love with writing and recording at the same time – I just step up to the mic and keep singing until the song is done, then I record immediately.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” is set to be released on April 20, 2018, the weekend of Earth Day. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl, cassette tape and digital download here. Also on April 20, Ty Richards will play an album release show at Mosaic Sound Collective, a former juvenile delinquent facility. VIP and general admission tickets can be purchased here.

“‘Killjoy’ brings punchy guitars and biting pop lyrics that dance over a relentless 808 beat, and all of it was recorded entirely to eight-track tape with no computers and no editing,” said Richards on the new single. “I’ve grown to hate working with computers, so this was a nice change.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” is an all-analog, DIY, future-punk record, and Richards’ new direction can best be described as “Devo meets Queens of the Stone Age.” With heavy grooves, video game-esque keyboards, blown out fuzz guitars and gritty, satirical vocals, the album will take listeners on a sonic journey recorded purely to analog tape in Richard’s home studio.

Listen to the single “Killjoy” below:

comeherefloyd - premieres Ty Richards single 'Killjoy'COMEHEREFLOYD is premiering Ty Richards’ second single “Killjoy” from his upcoming 4/20 record “Welcome to Flat Earth”. Here’s what they had to say:

Austin Texas psychedelic rock extraordinaire, Ty Richards, gave us a hint that he was ready to drop a premiere single to the world. And we at CHF said: “Bring it on, bad boy!” And today Richards shared his newest single ‘Killjoy’, a taunt of sorts for us listeners, in that, as he often does, the song dares us to be different, unapologetic, and to be fluid. The consequential appetites of being and absolute blindness in existing, leads to our self procurement of lustful perils – in relationships and philosophies.

Dang that Richards. Being all blunt, but in an entertaining way. The single is ‘Killjoy’ and it continues Ty’s evolution in his approach to music construction. Anywho, it’s to the world’s benefit.


View the full article here and listen to “Killjoy” below.

Ty Richards - "Merry-Go-Round" Single

Richards and his indie label Tremolo Records are back with a daring new future-punk record entitled ‘Welcome to Flat Earth,’ dropping April 20.

Austin’s own psych-rock prodigy Ty Richards and his indie-label Tremolo Records announces the premiere of “Merry-Go-Round,” the first single off of his upcoming album, with KUTX. The premiere can be found HERE. The track can be purchased directly here and everywhere else digital music is sold. The song is from his forthcoming sophomore record, “Welcome to Flat Earth,” which will be released April 20, 2018, just before the weekend of Earth Day.

Starting today, the album can be pre-ordered on vinyl, cassette tape and digital download here. Ty Richards’ record release show for ‘Welcome to Flat Earth’ will take place at Mosaic Sound Collective, a former juvenile delinquent facility, also on Friday, April 20. Tickets can be purchased here.

“Welcome to Flat Earth” is an all-analog, DIY, future-punk record, and Richards’ new direction can best be described as “Devo meets Queens of the Stone Age.” With heavy grooves, video game-esque keyboards, blown out fuzz guitars and gritty, satirical vocals, the album will take listeners on a sonic journey recorded purely to analog tape in Richard’s home studio.

“I’m excited to release ‘Merry-Go-Round’ from my upcoming 2018 record, ‘Welcome to Flat Earth,'” said Ty Richards. “It’s kind of new-wave pop, kind of punk-rock and a lot of just-don’t-give-a-damn. This recording is hot off the tape, lo-fi and 100 percent analog. I heard someone call it ‘Nintendo-punk.’ I support that description.”

Since the release of his 2017 debut album, “Zillion,” Ty Richards has had a busy year filled with critical acclaim and a string of tour dates, even reaching number four on USA Today’s top college albums. The debut broke NACC college top 40 album charts after being picked up by more than 50 college stations nationwide. He landed KUTX “Artist of the Month” during SXSW 2017 and closed out the year with a song placement on Season 8, Episode 2 of Showtime’s “Shameless.” Once the “Zillion” rush came to a close, Richards went right back to the creative process, reinventing himself, and began recording new music for his next release. This time around, Richards holds up an anti-authoritarian, rebellious lens on the world, writing through a heavily surreal perspective.

“There is a strong use of absurd satire and ironic humor throughout the album,” said Richards. “‘Welcome to Flat Earth’ is jokingly named after the growing Flat Earth Theory movement of the present day. Over time though, the title and the vibe of the record as a whole has come to represent a much deeper theme in humanity – why do we trust authority?”

Writing for “Welcome to Flat Earth” began in late September of 2017 and concluded in early December of 2017. The album was completed in roughly three months, compared to the two years it took to finish “Zillion.” Richards wrote, performed, produced and mixed the album in a self proclaimed “tiny 10 by 12-foot bedroom,” and tracked everything on the record straight to tape, comletely analog with zero editing. Each song was made with two major creative limitations: no computers, and only eight tracks per song.

“This album represents a devolution from the previous record,” said Richards. “This collection of songs was recorded directly to a lo-fi reel-to-reel tape machine from the early 80’s. The same model, Tascam 388, was used by Prince to create demos, and is featured on the early records of The Black Keys and Dr. Dog.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” features seven original songs and a Kinks cover. None of the original songs were pre-written, instead being penned and recorded at the same time in a “stream of consciousness” style. Brian Lucey mastered the album at Magic Garden Mastering in Los Angeles in December of 2017. Lucey was crucial in carrying out the final stroke on each song and ultimately brought out the “punk spirit” of the record. Lucey has an extensive discography including the likes of Beck, David Lynch, The Black Keys, Ray LaMontagne, Sigur Rós, Dr. John, Lucinda Williams, Dr. Dog and Ringo Deathstarr.

In line with the punk spirit, Richards’ lyrics drip with an ironic “post-truth” theme. Like Devo and punk predecessors of the 20th century, “Welcome to Flat Earth” combines aggressive electronic-rock with mischievous satire to poke fun at the “post-truth” world.

“I like the deeper truth of humanity that is unveiled by the ridiculous Flat Earth conspiracy,” said Richards. “Assuming it’s completely false, it still exposes the notion that almost everything we call ‘truth’ is based on trust – how do we know who to trust and not trust? That’s where we are now, welcome to the ‘post-truth’ world – or, ‘Welcome to Flat Earth.’ It’s absolutely amazing. It’s absolutely nauseating.”

“Welcome to Flat Earth” will be released on April 20, 2018, with southwest and west coast American tour dates, as well as tour dates in Japan, to be announced.

Listen to the single “Merry-Go-Round” below:


  1. IndoctriNation
  2. Western Chauvinist
  3. Merry-Go-Round
  4. Red Pill
  5. All Day and All of the Night
  6. Killjoy
  7. Kissing the Wizard
  8. Bleed Yourself Dry

About Ty Richards:

Austin’s own psych rock prodigy Ty Richards, referred to as “the future of rock,” as well as “Beck Zeppelin,” debuted his first album, “Zillion,” in February of 2017, with his lead single, “Spaceman,” earning Song of the Day on Austin’s KUTX 98.9. Host Taylor Wallace said that, “Spaceman was a song meant to elicit big grins and bumping heads.” Podcast host Johnny Goudie of How Did I Get Here? proclaimed that Richards is “a hurricane of artistry.”

Richards went on to reach national success after the release of “Zillion.” Topping the charts of numerous radio stations, breaking the top 40 in the NACC (North American College and Community Top 200) charts and hitting number six on national specialty radio, Richards has won the ears of rock fans across the United States. He has performed all over, from packed Austin clubs with a four-piece band to west coast radio tours in California.

Ty Richards currently also runs a boutique creative shop, Paradox, and an indie record label, Tremolo Records, in Austin, Texas.