The H-Word

There are certain words and phrases that are sure to set off a Baby Boomer. The mention of the possibly fake moon landing is one of them.

Comedian, Owen Benjamin recently coined the term “Hoodily Daddle” in the past few months to refer to the moon in boomer-speak and it’s becoming a regular part of the vocabulary in society now. This video by Mountain Bear sums it up exactly. And it’s even earned a spot on urban dictionary in all of it’s various forms of spelling.

Vox Day has even gone on to facetiously ban the word on his live stream as it is too offensive to boomers, referring to it as simply “the H-word”.

I relate to this a lot. If anyone even says the word “moon” around my dad he spirals and it ruins his entire day. Not exaggerating. I don’t even have to say “fake moon landing” or “flat earth”. Just “moon”. That’s all it takes for him to fill with rage and walk away from a conversation shaking his head and cursing under his breath.

It’s really the only thing Boomers have left to hold onto, so I’m not going to deny him of it. I stay away from it as a subject. But it’s still hilarious. So as a giant troll to my dad and a nod to the comedy of Owen Benjamin, above is the ‘Hoodily Daddle’ poster I designed a couple weeks ago. I’ll have it up for sale soon on the new store.

It’s based on the great boomer Neil Young’s album cover from Harvest.

Above is a quick time lapse video of me designing the poster. The music is “Let It Bleed” by my good buddy James Cooke whose record I produced and released on my label Tremolo Records.


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