She’s retarded, guys. Don’t let child-soldier foreign girls with fetal alcohol syndrome shame you. She is being used as a human shield. If you feel bad for her then you are creating the demand for more human shields. The proper response is to mock and destroy the character of the human shield. Unless you do this there will be more and more human shields.

  1. Don’t take advice from children
  2. Don’t take advice from females
  3. Don’t take advice from mentally challenged (aka retarded) humans

After designing this counter propaganda poster and making this statement on Instagram, I was permanently banned by the instagrabblers. My account was deleted, family photos and all. So be it. I knew it would happen sooner or later.

This is just an opportunity to further focus on more effective things that I’ve been stalling on anyway. I will be re-focusing on live-streaming the creation of my 3rd album on YouTube. As well as launching a new merch store featuring a slew of posters, shirts, stickers and counter-propaganda.

Conflict is the very air I breathe. Keep fighting the good fight, friends. And remember “the ride never ends”.


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