Ty Richards is widely proclaimed as “the future of rock” in a world where rock and roll is considered to be dead. His fans have dubbed him “Beck Zeppelin”. From the city of Austin, Texas, alternative rock artist Ty Richards and his psychedelic dance-rock sound is causing a commotion in the States and even across the pond in Europe. PureVolume calls his sound “both futuristic and vintage all at once.” Like many of the greats, from Prince and Stevie Wonder all the way to Foo Fighters and Tame Impala, Richards also writes, performs, produces and even mixes his own records. As an emerging artist in an ocean of droning garage rock and auto-tuned hipster pop, Ty Richards stands out with danceable drum grooves under super-addictive psych hooks crafted from from both guitars and synthesizers. Richards’ magically fits his raw & eccentric writing style nicely into a pop candy-coating in a way that sticks.

In early 2017, Richards was selected to be the KUTX “Artist of the Month” during the month of SXSW. On the eve of his debut album release, he was invited for a live performance on KUTX 98.9 FM in their famous Studio 1A in Austin, TX with Taylor Wallace to celebrate the release of his debut record ‘Zillion’. They wrote:

“Is it possible for a musician to sound like they’re from 1970 and 2070 at the same time? Yes, and his name is Ty Richards. His brand new album ‘Zillion’ has the warm vintage fuzz of 70’s psychedelic rock, and the hard edge of futuristic synth music. It sounds like Beck and Led Zeppelin collaborated on an album.”

And in a recent interview Johnny Goudie of How Did I Get Here? proclaimed that Richards is “a hurricane of artistry”. Dallas’ Central Track soon followed suit and named his celebratory song “Spaceman” the number 2 track on their Top 100 Songs of 2016, saying “this psych-rock dude’s onto something really special.”

Richards’ radio play is taking off nationwide as well. Shortly after the release in February 2017, ‘Zillion’ broke through the top 40 nationally, becoming the no. 39 most played on the NACC 200 (North American College & Community) radio charts. The album even reached to no. 6 on the FMQB SubModern Album specialty charts. Before his appearance on any charts he held the #8 most-added for the NACC Top 20 Adds. The song “Spaceman” has even hit no. 26 most played on the FMQB SubModern Singles charts and is on the rise too. He’s charting high at nearly every college & community radio station that he has been added to.

He has quickly earned a reputation for his eclectic self-produced music videos. His animated video for the single “Going out for a Cigarette” amassed 50,000+ viewers within just a couple of days in early 2017. KXT 91.7 in Dallas took the song for a spin and premiered the super-psychedelic video explaining that “In a world that could definitely use more levity and dynamism, here’s one you’ll be powerless to resist.” In the same fashion, he went from 0 to 10,000+ fans in early 2016 armed with only a couple of singles. Richards is breaking the bounds of indie rock. Back in 2015, before he had even started he won the ears of the mega pop titan iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel) when they invited him to perform the half-time and pre-game shows at two huge peak-season games for the Texas Longhorns and the Austin Aztex. In one of his very first interviews in 2015, Paul Heath of Europe’s RadioX dubbed him an “All-American Musical Genius” after discovering his music.

But now in 2017 with his debut album ‘Zillion’ in hand, Ty Richards is ready to up the ante. He’s building his career as a truly “independent” artist. Richards has spent the last year molding this highly-anticipated album that sets the stage for a very prolific future.